Mandleve Records

Music is your own experience, your own thoughts, your wisdom.
If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn.
They teach you there's a boundary line to music.
But, man, there's no boundary line to art.
Charlie Parker.

Mandleve Records is an independent label (Leuven, Belgium) providing following services:

- Production: recording, mixing, mastering, reproduction, distribution
- Promo, merchandising, booking, plugging, management

mobile: +32 (0)475 46 28 32

The name Mandleve was chosen because of it’s strong symbolism.
Not only does it reflects the character, size or the way you could recognize the elephant from which the record label name has been chosen from, it also represents the aim of this company to use this as an example for it’s mission.
Mandleve Records stands for an open mind, providing stability, support and a never ending enthusiasm for that thing we call ‘music’.
Elephants have the ability to hear, understand and remember. They have an excellent memory for voices (what they represent), and they will act accordingly.
Mandleve was living as a ’wild thing’, not influenced by mankind.
It was easy to recognize him, not only because he was an impressive leader, but also by his torn ear.
There’s a message in this, just think about it.

For us it has become: h’ear the music.


2012 - KNF / EP ‘The KNF Resurrection’ -
2011 - Jo Cassiers / CD ‘Cajeune Radio’
2010 - Mundala / EP ‘Not Alone’

2009 - Marghareta Von Parma / single ‘Feeling Down’*
2009 - Shellcase / CD ‘Dead Memories’ (unreleased)
2008 - Ellom in voice / remixes*
2008 - Varili / single ‘Someway Somehow’*
2008 - Straight2U / single ‘they talk too much’*
2007 - Ziggy (Gazz) / single ‘Time’*
2007 - Gazzomind / CD ‘Not for sale’*
2007 - Fabiola Fluistert (radio 1 - project) / single ‘Laat ons een bloem’*
2006 - JO / single ‘Take me away’*
2006 - (1996) BGB / EP ‘Good Evening ladies and gentlemen’ (remastered)

* demo